Culture, The MDC Group


With every initiative, one of our central goals is to motivate our employees. Whether professionally or personally, when our teammates grow and learn, everyone at the company benefits. We motivate our people to improve together.

“I’m grateful to have found a work place that recognizes me as a whole person, not just a worker. Since coming to the MDC Group, I’ve been able to find stability and a place to put down roots.” 
- Kayla Danforth, Director of Employee Engagement


We’re driven to make the culture at the MDC Group stand out from the crowd. When you walk through our doors or visit a project site, you’ll be able to see how we do things differently.

Every company talks about culture, but at the MDC Group, we live it. Walk through our halls, and you’ll find people collaborating and problem-solving collectively and across departments. Stop by our team leaders’ offices, and find their doors open. Join a training session or lunch-and-learn, and see how we address the needs of our team on and off the job site. Being honest, transparent, and open aren’t just talking points for us, they’re who we are.

“Each year, we’re asked to share some of our goals. When I said that I wanted to be more financially responsible, the MDC Group provided the training and tools to help me achieve that!”
Culture, The MDC Group
Culture, The MDC Group


We believe that open collaboration is the key to success. We want to hear our people’s ideas and work together to creatively solve problems. We have open lines of communication between departments & levels—as well as with our clients.

"We know everyone talks about having ‘company culture,’ but we do more than that. We walk the walk. We’re serious about creating an open work environment where everyone’s ideas are welcomed and encouraged."

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